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Teaching and Learning

The teaching staff at St Bede’s School are an integral part of providing leadership in curriculum, teaching and learning; and in developing, refining, implementing and evaluating school procedures that ensure we provide a safe and nurturing learning environment. We offer a wide ranging curriculum designed to cater to the needs and individual differences of each child.


Curriculum Areas

  • Religious Education
  • English (Literacy)
  • Mathematics (Numeracy)
  • Human Society and its Environment
  • Science and Technology
  • Creative and Practical Arts
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
  • Learning Technologies (incorporated into all curriculum areas K-6)



Religious Education/Sacramental Program

Religious Education is woven into the daily life of the school through formal religion lessons. Christian values are integrated into all key learning areas. The Religious Education Program is linked closely to the Parish to further the children's sense of belonging to their Parish family. Opportunities for experiencing prayer and celebrating liturgy are regularly provided for the whole school community.

Various Liturgical events are celebrated throughout the year. These include: An opening school liturgy, grade Masses, Lent, Easter, Advent, feasts of St. Bede and other days of significance. Parents and family members are invited to all Masses and Liturgies.

The Sacramental Programs for Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation are Parish based with parents, Parish Priest and School working closely together. A vital component in the preparations for the celebration of each sacrament is the involvement of parents.


There is a strong focus on the development of Literacy in the school. This has been supported by the professional development of staff and parents and the purchase of resources for all classrooms. This emphasis is supported through the implementation of Literacy blocks.   

The Library is an integral part of the school that provides support for all areas of the curriculum. The school library is open to the students, teachers and the school community. The Library, which is fully computerised, aims to provide an environment which is welcoming and stimulating for individual and group learning. It is a resource centre that assists teachers in the implementation of school programs.  To aid the development of a positive attitude towards book care, all children are required to have a library bag.   


The revised NSW Mathematics Curriculum is the source document for this Key Learning Area.  "Count me in Too" activities are regularly integrated into the classroom to make mathematics a 'hands on' and concrete experience for the students.   

Human Society and Its Environment and Science and Technology

Human Society and Its Environment and Science and Technology are curriculum areas based on the NSW Board of Studies Document. All units are taught in Stages over a two year cycle. Each unit includes activities involving thinking skills and the integration of technology.  

Information Technology

St Bede's Primary School is a BYOD school and the majority of students use their own an iPad or iPad mini to assist in their research, learning and skills developemnet. In addition, the school has a bank of iPads for use in the classrooms in order to ensure all students are able to learn using this 21st Century tool.The school's main aim is to ensure that all students are competent and confident in using computers and other technologies to support and enhance their learning. The Library contains pods with a total of 18 computers. Computers are also in each classroom, assisting in the integration of Information Technology Communication into all aspects of the curriculum. There is a bank of netbooks with wireless connection to the school network and internet that can be accessed and used by classes when required. All classes have an Interactive Whiteboard (Years 2-6) or touch screen TV (Kindergarten and Year 1). 

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

This Key Learning Area includes a range of outcomes from healthy eating, changes experienced as we grow, to choices we make in regards to our personal development, sport and other physical exercises. The students are exposed to a variety of sports, which aim to improve their physical fitness and co-ordination. All classes have a structured PE lesson each week with a PE teacher with lessons focussed on skill development through fun age appropriate activities.  Our emphasis is on enjoyment, skill development and willing participation. In the Infant grades the emphasis is on the development of gross motor skills, coordination and team participation.

Regular exercise and fitness are an integral component of the curriculum with each class participating in Daily Fitness each morning. St Bede's is a keen participant in Catholic Schools Netball and Catholic Schools Soccer competitions. Regular sporting clinics and gala days are also offered to all grades. 


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