At St Bede’s we encourage strong and positive communication between the school and home. This includes ongoing information on your child’s progress, both formally and informally. In mid Term 1 we send home an Interim Report that highlights how your child has settled into their new learning environment, their attitude towards learning and their social interactions within the classroom.

A written report that summarises academic progress is provided at the end of Semester 1 (Term 2) and Semester 2 (Term 4). These provide an assessment of your child’s achievement in each subject using a 4-point scale for Kindergarten (Above Expectations, Meeting Expectations, Working Towards Expectations and Experiencing Difficulty); and a 5-point scale for Years 1-6 (currently A-E).

Parent teacher meetings are held mid-way through Term 2, where student progress and learning goals are discussed. Other opportunities to celebrate student achievement include learning journeys, visual displays, performances etc. Parents are welcome and encouraged to contact the school and speak with their child’s teacher and/or the Principal at any time there are concerns regarding levels of progress, attitude or wellbeing. Please contact the front office for an appointment.