For Parents

We believe that parents are the prime educators of their children and the inspiration for them to become active learners. Working closely with parents and the community, teachers aim to know their students and how they learn, to tailor learning opportunities and inquiry projects to student interests and to enhance their engagement as learners.

Our school community promotes learning as an ongoing process that involves everyone who regularly interacts with your child. Of particular importance is your role as parents and carers. You are the first educators of your child and we encourage and support you to continue to have an active role in their learning throughout their primary school education. Open communication, mutual respect and cooperation are recognised as being important elements that assist children to become successful learners and we strive to provide these qualities in all our interactions between school and home.

Your child will appreciate every effort you make to be a presence at school. Attending barbeques, morning teas, open classroom sessions and/or parent meetings provide valuable insights into your child’s educational world and help build and celebrate friendships and new connections. Our teachers and students also highly value parent help in their classrooms, including listening to student reading, scribing or typing student stories, assisting with art lessons and providing help with the running of our library.