You are invited to make an enrolment enquiry at St Bede’s School for your child/children. Please contact the School Office for an Enrolment Package. Upon completion and return of the application form an appointment will be made at a suitable time for you and your child to attend an interview.

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Kindergarten Enrolments

It is generally desirable for schools to adopt a cut-off enrolment date so that children commencing in Kindergarten should be five years of age. In accordance with guidelines set by the Catholic Education Office Canberra, a child must turn 5 years of age by 30 April of the year of enrolment.

Early Age Enrolments

The Principal has the discretion to process an early age enrolment if special circumstances exist. The school will assess the child's readiness and learning after consultation with the Senior Officer: Disability, Wellbeing & Inclusion, Catholic Education, Canberra and Goulburn.
For individual cases, where it is believed that the readiness of a child would warrant his or her enrolment at an early age, an individual assessment of the child's readiness and learning needs will be undertaken. The Principal and Senior Officer: Disability, Wellbeing & Inclusion will meet and analyse assessment data prior to agreeing to the early enrolment of the child.

Enrolment policy for Special Needs Students

Students with additional needs are enrolled at the school according to the guidelines and procedures outlined in the CEO Learning Support Manual. At the time of your child’s application, all known information about your child regarding physical, medical or learning needs must be disclosed. In some cases, a special needs committee is convened prior to enrolment acceptance to ensure that the child's needs and parent expectations are established. The committee will also pursue available resources and funding avenues.