Community Council

Our Community Council is an active and important body that assists the co-principals and staff in determining priorities and meeting needs. Council members meet twice a term and undertake the following activities in support of the school:

  1. Set and organise social gatherings to build parent relationships.
  2. Provide financial support through organised fundraising.
  3. Oversee and support the running of the school canteen.
  4. Provide advice and support to the principal and staff in developing school processes and procedures including school uniform.
  5. Liaise with external organisations to build relationships with the wider Braidwood and surrounding area community.

Community Council Members 2024


Richard Bunn


Katie Lyons


Kate Ellis

Parent/Community Representatives

Clare Young

Sarah Hickey

Emily Ryan

Parish Priest (Queanbeyan)

Fr. Tony Percy

St Bede's Parish Parent Representative

Sarah Paciorek


Marylou Gorham

Assistant Principal

Amy Doszpot